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Jeff Meph
United States
An Artist.

Qualifications: Self-taught traditionalist user of Pen n' Paper (Just plain Ballpoint- and Printer- variety, please). I like to draw people more than anything. The human face is, I think, the most expressive and variable thing in the visual artist's whole repertory. I also write and am a musician. I love to create art.
I always felt like being an artist was so natural and somehow inevitable... and very blessed I suppose to have those abilities, because I could choose a more peaceful & positive lifestyle than, for example, being a coastguardsman or security officer... this world can make nasty people out of perfectly good souls, and burden them down with bad karma they wouldn't have if, say, we could all just be artists.
No one is perfect, but I think ALL people have that instinct, to create and work from a place of harmlessness. To actually spread GOOD through this world as their main purpose... but sadly that's not always the case. If we could truly find our niche in this world, it would all fit together like pieces of a beautiful puzzle, clasped into perfection.
Historically the world has been a dangerous place, and sometimes brutal, but as / IF we move into an Age of Peace, there are massive redressals to be made. Certain taboos & paranoias we no longer need, and we have to shift most people's participation in this world from being mute witnesses & slave-workers, to fully awake & engaged human beings. "We have so much work to do," as my wise & late Grandmother said as last words to me, before we create Heaven on Earth.

All things are one,
Every element linking in perfection together
in the great exploration of it All.

Certain people in this world are more attuned to the Negative, more sensitive to it. We actually Need them around to point the way -- for if THOSE people can be made happy, anyone can. Very often they're the most brilliant among us and we NEED them to acquire happiness -- they're also the best equipped to point out its lack. What is wrong with the way we're living -- what is still MISSING?

Humankind, following the many forks in the road of cultural evolution,
simply has taken so many WRONG TURNS and blunders down blind alleys,
that most people on the planet are quite miserable most of the time they're alive.
Whether it go from the simply dull, empty dissatisfaction the modern office worker
feels as he throws away 8 hours of his day to the greedy witless men that rule him
from the heights of a social pyramid -- or the gnawing, mortal dystopia suffered
by the MILLIONS of people still dying of hunger & thirst in the third world --
very few of us can say our lives go in a continual state of bliss from
one day to another, experiences of awe & satisfaction such as
are POSSIBLE and actually our birthright -- yet denied us.

During this lifetime of mostly drifting, ambient spectatorship,
I have had 7-8 experiences of such depth and profoundness,
that I KNOW these things to be true. Religious people never come near this, Psychologists & Psychiatrists don't have a clue, Yogis and Swamis are left in the dark.
Yet these experiences COULD be had by any one of us, and really should be in good time.

Some things I've learned:

-The mind can go anywhere, the body-mind combine is the most perfect vehicle to explore consciousness here imaginable.
-Altered states of consciousness are KEY to seeing consciousness as a whole, part of gathering experience. Dreams, Shamanic quests, Nearly dying, etc. wake us up to the WHOLENESS of reality.
-Variety is God's spice of life 
-All things are created from & connected to each other by Love. "The Universe is Glowing with Love."
-There is a place of darkness you will go, if you get caught up in Negativity, that is beyond all power of words to describe, a throbbing, pulsing darkness & void that stretches on forever annihilating your soul.
-These energies hold the balance of the Universe in sway, observing & recording all that goes on for our experience.
-That reality is ALWAYS THERE, even if you presently aren't in tangible contact with it.

I've already pointed to #4 on my list of top 10 world problems,
the notion that there simply isn't enough MEANING in people's lives.
We strut around the artificial & restrictive prisons of our industrial role,
forcing fake smiles and undergoing the culturally-sanctioned rites of life,
robots joining in the jangling, soulless parade of a normality we didn't choose,
slowly over time wondering "What's wrong with me?" more and more...

And of course there are myriad businesses & corporations now set on
engineering answers to those problems, albeit from the same artificial wellspring whence the problem began.
There are whole empires built on phony solutions to these problems THEY are creating for us.

Meanwhile sane people scream from dark windows of the societal madhouse,
shrill voices in the wind of the whirlwind Apocalypse at the end of time.

America in particular feasts on violence, frivolity, triviality, stupidity.
These cultural norms further swaddle us in the state of lifelong confusion & emptiness that is sought,
also sending out terrible messages about the world's supposed "#1 Country".
I for one have become ashamed at what I see my country becoming,
and endless series of rotating buffoons & money-grubbers leading
us all into a police-state of increased slavery, misery, & ignorance.
The only 2 crimes that exist are, namely, hurting & controlling people,
and that is what's being done to us on a Global scale all over these days.

I've seen the forces of darkness at hand in my life lately,
having all my recent work stolen, my reputation slandered,
seen many people that were supposed allies betray me, etc.,
and made made bitterly aware of what Hell this world can be.
We're supposed to be going for Heaven on Earth, and yet there
are so many people here working overtime dragging us TO HELL.
Parts of it ARE Hell, as bad as any Hell imagined by any of us.

The only consolation again is that,
what we CREATE we will experience,
whether in ourselves or another person.
The people that create this Hell will be held
directly responsible for it, in ALL whose lives it touches.
Indeed, it will be magnified & amplified through the lens of MEANING,
which is around us as I say all the time, even if we aren't feeling it.


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